WATCH: Knicks announce 2017-18 jersey sponsor with hopeful Twitter video

WATCH: Knicks announce 2017-18 jersey sponsor with hopeful Twitter video

NBA uniforms will look slightly different this year, as the league is allowing teams to wear sponsored patches on their jerseys for the 2017-18 season. While many teams announced partnerships over the summer with companies like General Electric (Celtics), Blue Diamond Almonds (Kings) and Harley-Davidson (Bucks), the Knicks had yet to settle on a sponsor … until Tuesday.

In a Twitter video, the Knicks announced that their jersey partner for the upcoming season will be Squarespace, a company that helps individuals and businesses build their own websites. The video was accompanied by the text, “Knicks X @squarespace, a partnership celebrating all those who hustle hard and aren’t afraid to chase their dreams.”

The video doesn’t mention Squarespace specifically, but talks about how in New York nothing is given and everything must be earned — a pretty familiar trope for the Big Apple.

Squarespace was started by Anthony Casalena in his University of Maryland dorm room in 2003, so it’s a fitting sponsor for the Knicks, who are now tasked with starting from the bottom after the departure of Carmelo Anthony. Also, startups that achieve a $1 billion valuation are known as “unicorns.” Well, the Knicks have a unicorn of their own in 7-foot-3 sweet-shooting, ball-handling forward Kristaps Porzingis. The parallels are endless.

The Knicks might not be “afraid to chase their dreams,” but Knicks fans might be afraid to watch the games this season. The revamped rosters is 0-4 in the preseason and has given up over 113 points per game while scoring just over 96. On top of that, rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina, the No. 8 pick in the 2017 draft, has missed all of summer league and all but one preseason game due to a knee bruise.

Sure, it’s just the preseason. But thus far the Knicks haven’t given their fans much reason to be excited about the upcoming season.

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