LOOK: Celtics' Gordon Hayward is already working out from a chair

LOOK: Celtics' Gordon Hayward is already working out from a chair

It’s only been about four weeks since Gordon Hayward suffered one of the most gruesome leg injuries the NBA has seen in quite some time, but the Celtics forward is already getting back in the gym to put some shots up. 

However, there’s a twist … and a chair.

Celtics general manager and president of basketball operations Danny Ainge shared a photo of Hayward taking some seated shots from just inside the free throw line on Monday. From the looks of things, his form is still better than Markelle Fultz’s

This comes after NBC Boston showed him working on his passing skills while sitting on a chair last week. 

Hayward is recovering from the broken ankle that he suffered about five minutes into the Celtics’ season-opener last month. It seems unlikely he’ll play again this season and he knows he has a long, difficult road ahead, though that’s clearly not stopping him from doing all he can to get back to full health.

You’ve got to give the 27-year-old credit for his commitment and dedication to the game. If I snapped my leg in half and had to have my foot reset to be facing in the correct direction, you’d wouldn’t be seeing me doing any sort of physical activity for at least six months — especially when a new “Call of Duty” just came out.

But here we have Hayward getting buckets from a kitchen chair on a Monday morning, so good for him. I haven’t heard of an NBA player putting in this much work with a chair since Yi Jianlian allegedly demoralized one during his mysterious pre-draft workout a decade ago. 

At this rate, I expect Hayward to find his inner Kenny Kawaguchi and sneak into the starting lineup from a wheelchair by Christmas. 

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  1. Petach-Tikva

    Neither player is better than Wall.


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