WATCH: Sixers prank comedian into thinking he made a blindfolded shot to win prize

WATCH: Sixers prank comedian into thinking he made a blindfolded shot to win prize

During Thursday afternoon’s Celtics-76ers game in London, one poor lad in attendance found himself the victim of a prank in front of thousands of people. That gentleman was English comedian and actor, Jack Whitehall.

During a break in the action, Whitehall was brought out onto the floor and challenged to hit a bucket while blindfolded. That’s not a wildly uncommon source of intermission entertainment, but the Sixers had something up their sleeve. After Whitehall took his shot, which got nothing but net (not in the good way), the crowd went nuts and those on the floor began celebrating like Whitehall had drilled his attempt.

This led to Whitehall ripping off his blindfold and celebrating his glorious achievement, not knowing he was being duped … at least until he got a look at the replay on the jumbotron.

My friends, this is the face of embarrassment:


Poor Jack apparently never saw it coming, though, considering he’s an actor, we can’t be entirely sure the whole thing was staged for fans’ entertainment. Either way, it was well-executed, so props to the Sixers. 

And considering the renowned comedian has a net worth of about $12 million and isn’t just some schlub off the streets, it’s a lot easier to laugh at a prize being yanked right out of his unsuspecting fingers. 

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